Install Fan Clutch Pressure Line & Quick Disconnect

In an earlier post, we discussed interchange for the quick connector used on the fan clutch. Pictured below is the commercial equivalent of 4730-00-900-3296 [4730009003296] (Figure 178, Item 23), which is simply a 1/8″ x 1/8″ NPT nipple.

Although there are varying opinions on pipe dopes v. teflon tape, we prefer to use Rectorseal #5. It does come second only to anti-sieze at managing to make a mess, but we have successfully used this material for decades without encountering leaks.

Pictured below is the nipple and the quick disconnect discussed in the earlier posting. This is essentially one half of what is shown as Item 7 in Figure 178, and has been assembled to the fan clutch.

Below is the quick disconnect connected together along with hose 4720-01-189-0853 [4720011890853]. Note we have applied Rectorseal to all pipe threads.