Parts Suppliers

There are a number of HMMWV parts supplier lists found on the internet, this is our list.

The “big 3” Sources:

Colorado Location and Fast Delivery:

BlueHummer Outfitters   Permanently Closed. Some of the specialty parts are now carried by

Other Sources:

New Tops /Doors/ Etc from Manufacturer

Breton Industries, Inc.

General HMMWV Parts

Global Parts. (mostly non-responsive website)

Eastern Surplus & Equipment Co.

Erik’s Military and Industrial Surplus

Hummer/Humvee Parts Addict

Mac Motors

Eastern Surplus and Equipment Co.

Hummer Surplus Parts.

Global Military Supplier. Taiwan supplier of HMMWV parts.

Military Parts with some HMMWV Parts

Big Mike’s Motor Pool.  Although they appear to mainly sell M35A2 and M35A3 parts, they also have a decent selection of HMMWV parts.

Real Custom Trucks Military Parts and Surplus

Equipment Parts Sales


Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive. Walck’s is primarily a supplier of restoration and current parts for Jeeps, however they stock a fair amount of generic military parts applicable to HMMWVs.

Boyce Equipment

MV Parts Store

Surplus Garage


Surplus Garage


LGM Parts. Misc Vehicle; HMMWV Water Pumps

Inline Tube .com.  Brake and Fuel Lines to Restoration Details. Useful for clips, clamps and lines.

TNJ Murray — HMMWV Parts

PTC  Website lists a number of engine parts.


Melton Industries. Starters, Fuel Pumps, Transfer Cases

HeadLIght Switches

CARC Substitute Paint

Rapco Parts Company.  Although CARC paint can be sourced (it’s difficult), we use Rapco’s CARC substitute paint and are extremely pleased with how well the colors and flatness matches CARC. It also applies extremely well and seems to be pretty forgiving at different temperature applications.

Miscellaneous Parts   Although a lot of parts can be found simply by searching by NSN or manufacturer part number, you should also search for “HMMWV,” “Humvee,” “Hummer,” and “H1” as we have found a lot of the sellers do not necessarily include the NSN, and it seems there are quite a few that don’t even realize what vehicle it is for. Additionally, many of the H1 parts are the same.

This list is being edited and added to on an ongoing basis.