HMMWV Wiring

We will periodically update this page as wiring issues are discovered as well as our solutions.

We have been unable to locate an actual wiring schematic for the M998 or M1038 version. We have, however, located schematics for the M996 and M997 Ambulance versions on the internet.  We have found numerous examples of what appear to be copies of an original scan. We have reformatted these so they can be printed out onto 8 1/2 x 11 paper and taped together.

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We intend to redraw, redact, mark up, and improve these documents as we work through the wiring systems. We will provide our updated versions as they become available.

These pages have been posted for educational and research purposes only. To the best of our knowledge, we have been unable to determine anyone possessing rights to these documents, and DOD appears to have released this information into the public domain. We have reformatted these documents so that they can be easily printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and have indicated our URL at the top of the page.

Hmmwv Ground Harness Installation

Need to Ground 14V+ Connection on Dual Voltage Alternator

According to information found on the Hummer Knowledge Base, the 14V+ output on the 200 Amp Dual Voltage Alternator 2920-01-420-9968 [2920014209968] is required to be grounded to the alternator frame using an AWG 18 wire. Please review here. Also see here.

Company showing remanufactured voltage regulators for the 200A Niehoff HERE

Wire Circuit Numbers and Connector Information

Circuit numbers defined:

Connector information and part numbers:

Source of M13486/1-5 Specification Wire

Allied Wire and Cable 14 Gauge MIL-C-13486 cable (M13486/1-5 wire) in 25′ to 1000′ lengths

Custom Made Military Wiring Harnesses

Vintage Wiring Primarily older vehicles, but state they can make M-Series harnesses

Military Wiring Harness Identification Tags

National Band & Tag Company Wrap Around Tag (M43436/3-1)