Installation of Engine Cooling Fan

The fan used for either 6.2 or the 6.5 NA on the v-belt application is4140-01-211-8403 [4140012118403]. As discussed in this post, the quality and materials appear to be comparable to OEM. The fan itself centers on the diameter of the fan clutch. We had to dress the inside of the fan in order to install it. We do not feel this to be a flaw, but rather precise hand-fitting of the fan to the fan clutch.

The lock washers taken off of the fan appeared to have not retained its spring-like characteristics. We believe they used Grade 5 or less washers on installation. We replaced those washers with Grade 8 (the gold ones) to ensure locking capacity. (Of note, we also used Blue Loctite as an extra safety measure).

The silver lock washers were removed from the vehicle, the gold Grade 8 ones were used to replace them. Note: there are four lock washers required, only two of each were photographed as examples.
Picture of fan assembled to fan clutch.