M1038 Project: Engine Installed

Having acquired an early model Marine M1038 (circa 1985) quite some time ago, we finally got around to installing an updated powertrain.  We chose to upgrade the engine to a 6.5NA. (realizing it is detuned, but also has less parts to fail). This retains the 3L80 (TH400) originally supplied. Additionally, this updated the Transfer Case to the AMG 242 model.

Engine installed and chassis freshly painted with CARC substitute 911 (flat black) on September 27, 2018.

Powertrain Finally Arrives

After several mishaps by the shipper, the powertrain finally arrives. Damaged in transit was: fan, oil pan, alternator fan guard, and transfer case cooling lines.  On the good side, other than the damaged parts, everything looks good otherwise.  At least its finally arrived.

M1038 Project: Stripping Chassis and prepping for new powertrain

After the body was removed and set outside on stands, the chassis was negotiated onto the lift with a forklift. Once on the lift, everything that needed to be gone through was removed. Unfortunately, not only was the vent line missing from the front differential, so too was the fitting itself. This essentially made a funnel for water to infiltrate the front differential.

Both differentials were removed. The rear differential was re-sealed and re-mounted. The front differential was left off for a later rebuild.