Interchange: Fan Quick-Disconnect


In order to make belt changing a little simpler, AM General incorporated using a quick-disconnect (Fig. 178, Item 17)  4730-01-399-0241 [4730013990241] on the hydraulic hose 4720-01-189-0853 [4720011890853]  leading to the fan clutch.

Although the quick-disconnect can be sourced as 12342947, it appears to now be marketed as an H1-62 coupler (a Parker number for the female half). This number is the female half of a 1/8″ hydraulic coupler. (Fig. 178, Item 17 actually depicts the male and female halves together) If you are lacking both parts, or if you just need to replace, search for an ISO-B hydraulic coupler in 1/8″ thread.

All couplers marked as ISO-B, regardless of manufacturer, should be interchangeable as long as they adhere to the ISO B standard (ISO 7241-B).

Above pictures are of Foster FHK Series 1/8″ H1S K1S Steel ISO B Hydraulic Quick Connect Coupler sourced from HPC in Elgin, IL.