Hose Clamps: Standard v. Liner

There are two primary types of “open” hose clamps. The two pictured above are SAE Size 72, which we determined is the commercial equivalent of clamp 4730-00-359-9487 [4730003599487].

On the right is the standard hose clamp. On the left is what is referred to as a “liner” hose clamp. The Red Arrow points to a shield that protects the hose from extruding through the “rack” portion of the hose clamp. Liner clamps are often called “military clamps,” but in fact, the liner is designed for clamping softer materials such as silicone hoses.

This size clamp is called out to tighten the 90 degree hose used to connect to the fording stack extension 2510-01-198-0333 [2510011980333] and to the air cleaner. (See Figure 398, Item 31).

Of interest, the standard hose clamp in Size 72 worked perfectly for the fording tube application, however the “liner” clamp was too small. In fact, the liner clamp was manufactured by Breeze, a company that is a supplier of hose clamps to the military.