Install Engine Cover “Dzus” Clips

To replace the quarter turn fastener springs 5325-00-449-3001 [5325004493001] (Item 5 above), drill out the existing rivets 5320-00-083-5009 [5320000835009] (Item 6) with a 1/8″ drill bit.

These parts can be substituted as follows: First, the quarter turn spring can be substituted with Dzus or generic quarter turn fastener springs with the dimensions of spring height to latching surface .150″ to .175″ and measurements of 1-3/8″ eye to eye. Second, the rivets are simply 1/8″ diameter x 5/16″ length.

1/8″ rivets, Dzus-style fastener spring, and twist lock fastener 5325-01-191-7555 [5325011917555]

Install the springs using a “pop-rivet” gun as shown in the following pictures.