Installation of Cooling Stack

After the fasteners finally came in, we were able to assemble the cooling stack. Although we had attached the shroud to the radiator last week, we were finally able to fasten the oil/transmission cooler to the radiator, and install the power steering/hydraulic cooler over that.

As we have the later version radiator side mounts, we were able to precisely align the shroud to provide for optimum cooling. We were able to connect one of the two oil cooler lines, but will have to loosen the cushion clamps and re-orient the hose so we can connect to the fittings.

We will connect the power steering cooler after all lines have been connected from the pump to the brake unit, winch, and fan clutch. Similarly, as the transmission cooling lines were not serviceable, we will be making replacement lines out of 3/8″ brake tubing with AN adapters to 3/8″ hose. We will post on this once it gets underway.