Surge Tank Hose — Which One is correct?

Left side, hose 4720-01-196-1636 designed for early version; Right side, hose 4720-01-360-2380

As our M1038 was an extremely early version, we assumed it would use the hose for the earlier version 4720-01-196-1636 [4720011961636] (Fig. 27, Item 7). However, we apparently had a later version tank 2930-01-256-5350 [2930012565350], so we required hose 4720-01-360-2380 [4720013602380] (Fig. 27, Item 9).

We note that we installed the hose intended for the earlier tank and could have simply cut off the excess length. However, there is a slightly different bend that gave us some concern about clearance with the radiator side shield. (After we installed the side shield, however, it was clear that cutting the earlier version hose would clear)