Interchange: Air Filter Hose Clamps to SAE Size

Arrows indicating locations of three hose clamps 4730-01-189-0871

Based on the call-out from the parts manual, the three hose clamps indicated below are 4730-01-189-0871 [4730011890871] or manufacturer number H68SS. Upon our research, these part numbers cross over to an SAE 68 hose clamp. Unfortunately, while size 68 clamps can be located, they are not generally commercially available. The standard (and readily available) sizes are either SAE 64 or SAE 72. We ordered both.

As it turned out (and we will post a picture later), SAE 64 is the perfect size for these three locations. We have noted that the specifications almost always call out a hose clamp considerably longer than necessary, and often leaving too much of a “tail” to grab debris, bend, and cut hands. (See photo below).

M998 Air Cleaner hose clamp showing excessive “tail” when called out part used

This hose clamp was unmodified and as received from the military. Based on what we could tell, this was a SAE 68 hose clamp.

We ordered the SAE 72 hose clamps to interchange for the clamps called out 4730-00-359-9487 [4730003599487] for use on the fording elbow 4720-01-194-5338 [4720011945338]. Although we have not yet installed these clamps, we predict they will have a considerable tail. However, those hose clamps are (for the most part) not quite as visible. On visual inspection, it appears that the SAE 68 (and possibly SAE 64) clamps may also be appropriate at that location. We will update should this information be found incorrect.