Steering Gear Mounting

As luck would have it, the steering gear on our project M1038 had only one bolt holding it to the frame. Fig. 171 (of TM 9-2320-280-24P-1), shows two different bolts attaching the steering gear to the frame.

The sole remaining bolt was 5 1/4″ long. According to the call out in the Parts Manual, this corresponded with Item 5,  5305-01-213-4149 [5305012134149].  Unfortunately, however, it was virtually impossible to locate a 5 1/4″ Grade 8 bolt, as the common sizes are 5″ or 5 1/2.”

Although some of the “big 3” indicate that a bolt kit is available for the steering gear fasteners as 5745684, when we ordered it, we were told it was on backorder from AM General, and at least one seller indicated that the kit was simply “discontinued.”

We cancelled the backorder and tried sourcing again. We were able to find a seller on eBay selling “GM Hex Head Cap Screw Bolt 9430761  7/16″-14 x 5.25 Grade-8 UNC.”

As it turns out, 9430761 is the manufacturer’s part number for this bolt, and being as it is a GM steering box, it makes sense that GM would be the supplier. Although we had to purchase five bolts, when we technically only needed one (there was one remaining), we have extra bolts in the event they are needed in the future by us or others.

The callout for the remaining bolt (Item 4) is 5306-01-254-6356  [5306012546356] which is described as: “BOLT, SELF-LOCKING 7/16-14 X 4.00″  Although 4″ is a common length, we were not able to source this specific bolt (MS35764-861) and substituted it with a standard 7/16″-14 x 4” Grade 8 bolt.

It is not uncommon for steering boxes to loosen up over a period of time. We originally opted to use Nord-Lock lock washers in place of the split lock washer. However, in the interest of attempting to keep the project as original in appearance, we instead used Grade 8 split lock washers and heavy 7/16″ Grade 8 SAE washers instead. All three bolts were installed with blue loctite and torqued to 60 ft-lbs.

Torque specifications and use of blue Loctite are as recommended by in their chart located at:  (opens in new window)