Renovating Shifter Controls: Reverse Light Switch

Early shifter control for basic and A1 versions

The transmission shifter in our M1038 was frozen, in that the release button could not be depressed to release the shifter. Additionally, the lever 2520-01-189-1064 [2520011891064] (Fig. 99, Item 16) was broken at the connection point. After removing the entire assembly, we noticed that this was an atypical shifter in that it had not only the safety switch 2920-01-249-3492 [2920012493492](Fig. 99, Item 20), but also a reverse light switch (not shown in diagram).

Shifter showing neutral safety switch and reverse light switch. Reverse switch is the right arrow.

It is our current understanding that the reverse light switch was used only on Marine HMMWVs, but that it is also desirable for on-road civilian use in states that require a functioning reverse light. The lead from one of the wires was 467 (whereas the neutral safety is 14). Of note, the hole for the reverse switch appears to exist in all of the housing assemblies (Fig. 99, Item 10). (See diagram). Of further note, the switch appears to be the same as the neutral safety other than there is a bushing installed to allow the smaller switch to be installed in a larger hole

Arrow showing reverse light switch. Note bushing surrounding switch.

From this, it appears that a reverse light switch can be installed in any of the earlier shifters. Once we identify the threaded bushing dimensions, we will post it. It seems relatively difficult to source the reverse light switch as opposed to the neutral safety switch.

Neutral Safety Wire #4, Reverse Light Wire 467