Proper Transfer Case Fluid

As we discussed in an earlier post, Dexron III is what was called for in the Transfer Case, and use of Dexron VI has led to parts failure. As discussed, our research indicates that GM continues to recommend use of Manual Transmission and Transfer Case Fluid 88861800 for the transfer case.

As the picture indicates, this fluid is also marketed as AC Delco 10-4033. We used a Lincoln suction gun to fill the 242 transfer case. We had previously drained the transfer case to ensure no contaminants were present, and used just about 2 1/2 quarts to bring the fluid to the proper level.

Although we have identified fluids being marketed as “recommended for” Dexron III applications, we chose to use GM’s recommendation as we did not want to risk loss of a transfer case. However, we will likely use a “recommended for” Dexron III (H) fluid when we fill the transmission, and bleed out the cooler and winch.