Photo: Front Axle Vent Line to Tee at Fuel Pump

Above images show Figure 141, Item G which is the Tee where the front axle vent connects to the fuel pump and the vent line leading from the rear axle, transmission and transfer case.

This Tee consists of TEE, PIPE TO HOSE 4730-01-192-8086 [4730011928086] and a pipe to hose adapter, 4730-01-004-8346 [4730010048346]. Hose “3” in the picture goes to the upper connection on the fuel pump where fuel will leak into the venting system if the diaphragm fails.

As shown in the picture below, the tee is mounted by clamp 5340-00-067-3868 [5340000673868] (MS21333-109) which is a 1/4″ I.D. clamp with a 1/4″ attachment hole. It mounts to the RH side splash guard 2540-01-174-7696 [2540011747696]. (We believe this clamp has been used as a substitute for the spring tension clamp View “H” 5340-01-187-0892 [5340011870892])

Picture from M998