Project M1038: Body On, Back to Shop

After re-installation of the body to the chassis, and installation of the body mount bolts, a forklift was used to place the HMMWV back onto the lift in the front shop.

As it had recently rained, we had some difficulty with the forklift pushing the HMMWV back into the shop and up onto the lift. As you can see, the entire front of the HMMWV is off the ground to enable the forklift to maneuver the vehicle into the shop.  Because of length of the HMMWV and the location of the forklift drive towers, a somewhat “running start” was required in order to place the vehicle back on the lift.  During this process, the fork interfered with the water pump pulley, bending the water pump shaft.  However, that is a relatively inexpensive part, and easily replaced on the vehicle as it currently exists.  In fact, the water pump shaft could have already been damaged in transit as was a number of other powertrain accessories. (see earlier article).

Dec. 9, 2018, Project M1038 back on lift rack, and ready for final assembly, wiring, and installation of cooling stack and hood.