Project M1038: Body to Chassis – Lining up and readying crane

As the body had been previously removed to make it easier to install engine and work on running gear, it was now time to put the body back on.

A forklift was used to tow the chassis out and line it up under the body:

Once lined up, the crane was brought in to hook up to the body.

Tom Grundman pulling the line from the crane.

Rigging was placed on the body at the front firewall, the two load loops behind the rear seats, and one strap to the rear of the vehicle. (the rear part of the body is designed to flex and cannot support itself, but is not heavy and only took one strap to support it.

Tom Grundman rigging the body for re-installation

As we hooked up straps, we decided it would be prudent to remove the windshield to prevent any possibility of damage.