Interchange: Fan Solenoid Mounting Clamp to SAE Size Hose Clamp

Both the fan control solenoid and mounting clamps had already been scavenged from the 1038.

Finding a replacement solenoid (Fig. 177, Item 5) 4810-01-192-5817 [4810011925817] was relatively simple, and just about every supplier stocks it.

It would be nice to find a cost-effective substitute, but as of yet, we have not located one that would be both cost-effective and a simple retrofit.

The clamps holding the solenoid to the body were also missing. The parts manual (Fig. 177, Item 6) does a call out for 4730-00-204-3491 [4730002043491] but fails to specify its size.

After researching the NSN and manufacturer number of C32P, we identified this clamp as a 40-64mm or (1 9/16″ to 2 1/2″) stainless gear clamp. This clamp is an SAE 32 hose clamp. We acquired a box of ten Breeze brand clamps for our application, although only one is required. In fact, it appeared during our research that Breeze or its parent company may have actually been suppliers of this clamp to the government as 4730-00-204-3491.